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Working or Playing? Blog

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Odds & Ends

Trust 30 Challenge: Day 6

I’ve put in a lot of time and effort to become a goal-setter, a planner, someone who lives life as consciously and intentionally as possible. If medical science cooperates, I plan to live a thousand years. It’s hard to adjust my time horizon to one …[MORE]

The March Project: A Blog Post a Day

One of my goals for the month of March 2010 is to post something on one or another of my blogs every day. Part of my motivation for setting up EFGumnick.com is so my readers and friends (and readers who are friends) can have easy access to my newest material no matter where it shows …[MORE]

Technical/Design Support

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CaribExcel Associates, Inc.
Investment advisory, project management, development services for petrochemical, power, and mining sectors in emerging markets

Convergence Advisors International, Inc.
Creating and implementing targeted, cost-effective corporate social-responsibility programs

Errand Eliminator, Inc.
Personal concierge service in Houston, Texas